Monday, March 7, 2011

Some things are too good to neglect

Do I have time to be writing this morning? I assure you, I don't. However, sometimes in life, you stumble across things which are simply too good not to share... no matter what the cost.

The Heavy are a funky, soulful, rock band from the little island I called home for a couple of years.  Their music evokes the spirit of the Godfather, Mr. Brown and simply makes one want to move a little... or even a lot.  Grinding guitar, proud horns, a punching drum beat and a bass line which digs to your core, these boys stumbled upon a new wave of music to call their own.

Big thanks to the birthday girl, Kellye, for introducing this little gem on Saturday night.

-So I'll try to tell a story 'bout a man looking for glory, aimed a gun into the mirror, pulled the trigger and he hit someone else.