Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Every time is special

Whenever Every Time I Die announces a new album... I get as excited as an 8 year old on Christmas day.

The first time I get to hear said album... is like an 8 year old boy on his birthday.

Let's just say... this is exciting shit.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Epic Fail

First, I need to thank today's artist for making my post title so easy.  Rarely does a band incorporate such a perfect pun into their own name.

So thank you, Failure Epics, or should I say Jon Epworth.  My first introduction to Epworth was on the drums with the Dean Malenkos, through my buddy Jesse.  The Malenkos were shit tons of fun and an incredibly tight punk band, however, while it was a great throwback to weird punk greats such as the Vandals, their work was by no means groundbreaking.  That said, Epworth has finally taken his place on the throne and composed, performed and produced nearly his entire album (with a smattering of help from friends).  His 6-track, self-titled EP is described on his label's page as exploring "maculate conception – a new species willed into existence by the earth’s consciousness; disease and waste incarnate, born solely for the evisceration of the human race: born sexless, born bloodless."

Beyond the descriptor being a little out there, Epworth's music is an epic blend of prog transitions, metal riffs, massive vocal and instrumental layering and dark, haunting themes.  You can get a free download of 'Soothsayer' which is streamed below, or if you navigate to Exclaim, you can also take a sneak peek at the whole album.
-I've taken all I can, now how do I give back more?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Crossover the Keys

Nothing is better on a Friday than finding out that one of your favorite artists (that would be Mr. Dan Auerbach of Black Keys fame) has done a crossover projects with one of your favorite new artists (of course, Mr. Michael Kiwanuka).

The takeaway: this song is freaking beautiful and you need to go listen to it now.

Seriously... right now.  Drop everything.  This is far more important.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Ski-Masked Ones

Here we have a band that I've been meaning to blog about for months and yet just now stumbling around to it. Call me lazy, call me uninspired, call me Susan if you so please. The dog did not eat my homework, I did not get stuck in traffic, you were not talking to evil Shane before (wait a sec... now I'm confused by the blog title)... I just plain forgot to do it.

 And that's a damned shame for all of us, since Bella Clava kicks your and my ass alike.
I stumbled across this band after being introduced (read: having my mind blown) by Little Foot Long Foot back in NXNE.  Caitlin Dacey, in addition to providing keys and backing vocals for LFLF, also fronts Bella Clava as her mainstay.  The organ gives their sound a similar feel to LFLF but with less blues and a whole lot more in-your-face rock.  Steve Suitte makes a solid argument for riff rock God.  Originally from Thunder Bay, this quartet moved to Toronto and lucky for us, they seem to be here to stay.  Check out their video for 'Food for Cannibals' below or go to their bandcamp to download a free song and check out the rest of the album.

-Giver, who do you take from?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Murphy's Law

Friday night was one of those nights that I had high hopes for.  I was going to see an act live which I hadn't seen in roughly 8 years.  I had seen this act perform cover gigs in tiny little bars around Montreal and was glad to see that things had upgraded a bit since.  As the lights went up on the Dakota stage... I was quickly pleased to see that I would not be disappointed.

Shane Murphy and his band play a mix of blues infused soul/R&B that we spent the remainder of the weekend describing as "good sex music."  Picking up his CD from the Dakota show, I was massively impressed with how well his live tunes translated to disc and have been listening on repeat since Friday night.  However, the most impressive part of the act was his live show on Friday evening.  Murphy, hailing from Montreal, played alongside 3 friends from Ontario who seemingly had not played together much before.  However, as a testament to their incredible musicianship and Murphy's confident, inspired leadership, the quartet blew my mind with Murphy quarterbacking one of the most unique, unpredictable and enjoyable sets I've seen in a while.  With a few words, a simple nod of his head or a look over his shoulder, the band changed seamlessly between different songs and sections, all the while maintaining a groove that turned the Dakota into a dancing, sweaty mess (and one fool in a red hoodie who made Charlie Sheen look clean).

Long of it: if you get to see the Shane Murphy Band live in their hometown Montreal... great.  However, if the big man himself is wandering away from home and playing with a session band... you still could be in for one hell of a treat.

-She thinks she's cool but she don't know...everyone knows it's all a show

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Horny Animal

You know what this Monday is missing? Some good old fashioned, head-banging, beer swilling, mind altering noise.  No no, stop panicking.  Please sir, put the inflatable chainsaw down and put your clothing back on.  No, I didn't just mean your shirt... the pants would be appreciated as well.

And you... yes you... for the love of God, stop staring at your computer screen.

... no wait!  Don't go!  I need your adoration and attention!

So anyhoo, you should really check out this wonderful new Hamilton-based two piece called Sexbeast.  They're heavy, they're riffy, and they will not attack you with an inflatable chainsaw*.  Most importantly, you can download their entire 6-track debut (EP, LP... 6 is kinda that in-between point, no?) for free, you cheap bastard.

Now someone please tell me where my pants are.

*Results may vary.  Contact your physician if maintaining erection for more than 4 hours.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Clean Horse Dirty

The only thing that I can't figure out yet is why its taken me this long to stumble upon quasi-country music that I like.  Granted, to call this country would be misnomer; let's go with folk, or alt country or some other BS genre that we've created to allow ourselves to feel superior with our taxonomic intellect.

Grouchy Monday morning, eh? Less so after listening to Whitehorse. A fusion between two decently known Canadian solo acts - Melissa McClennand and Luke Doucet - Whitehorse released their debut self-titled at the end of the summer. Using the fantastic blend between their two distinct voices, Whitehorse comes off as both sweet and quaint but with enough edge to keep you unsettled in your chair.  Below is a fantastic live version that the two performed in CBC's radio2 studio, however, if you have a chance, wander over to their website to hear the album version in its full instrumental glory.

-To my only love, know...