Friday, January 30, 2009

Camp Cuddle Yourself

Would anyone care in joining me in a fuck yes?

-Stack'em high, watch'em fall

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Holla back, boy?

There are 3 important reasons why I love Hollerado.

1) They are the hardest working band in the world
2) They are giving away their album for free
3) I have a bromance-esque crush on Nick

1) I know big rock stars claim and complain about grueling tour schedules. They'll often spend a full year doing 200 or more shows all around the world. However, for all their stardom... they still get days, and even weeks off. I direct you to look at the image at the top of the boy's myspace. Yes, that is a complete month with no home, no breaks, no slowing down. The Hollerado residence tour may just be the most ridiculous and impressive string of shows I've ever seen.

2) Stop being a dumbass. You should have realized that when I mentioned the word free at the start of this blog, you should have gone directly to their website and downloaded Record in a Bag. I've got a couple of the infamous demos in a bag and while this LP has a few repeats, there are some incredible songs on this record which I hadn't heard before and have been loving. This recording shows the progression of, in my opinion, an already great band.

3) What? Ever since Paper Street played a show with Hollerado over a year ago, I've had these urges. I just wanna grind Nick up and snort him.

...And there goes any resemblance of a line that may have once existed.

-Going, going... gone. I've been sold too cheap

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Murderous Brothers

Taken from the almighty Wikipedia:
"The Soledad Brothers were three inmates at San Quentin State Prison charged with the murder of guard John V. Mills in 1970. George Jackson, Fleeta Drumgo and John Clutchette were said to have murdered Mills in retaliation for the killing of three black prisoners by a guard, O.G. Miller, at Soledad prison in California."

Taken from the almighty Shananigans:
"Dude... the Soledad Brothers fucking rock."

So, you can argue over which version of the brothers we're talking about, and whom has been more historically influential... but the murdering brothers didn't ever make me tap my feet like these three boys from Detroit.

Their first album was produced by Jack White and I can't see why not (other than the fact that Soledad actually has a good drummer). They even incorportate some tenor sax into some of their recordings and live gigs, as you can see below.

-Broken free of the inverted prison

Monday, January 26, 2009

Nobility ain't easy

But damn, does it sound good.

Big thanks to everyone who came out.

-Wear your mind on your sleeve

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I have a really smart dog

First off, let's just say that if you live anywhere on this tiny little english island, I'd better see your ass at the Jericho Tavern on Friday night. On pain of death from these callused fingers, I will destroy you.

There's a term that doesn't get used enough... I will destroy you.

Right then, I'll come clean; I've been busy as hell at work and haven't had time for my usual forays through wikipedia, google, myspace, and many other sources of music hunting. As such, my list is getting a little low. I was really in the mood for something heavy this morning, but all I could turn up was an offshoot band from Cave In.

Don't take that statements with ill intent. Pet Genius are a great band, they simply are Steve Brodsky's adventure towards lighter, almost poppy rock. It's very catchy, bouncy kind of stuff, and in addition, I'm always amazed at Brodsky's diversity. In the seemingly hundreds of side projects he has or has had going, each one seems to have a very different feel. For me, PG just feels a little too wussy this morning. Maybe I'll check back in a couple days.

-Your dirty side better come clean

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Do frogs mate asexually?

So, around five or six years ago (fuck we're getting old) I was organizing the engineering frosh for McGill. Back in these good 'ol days, we used to always throw one hell of a party at Montreal's Le Swimming (RIP). The year I threw it, I recall being outraged by the cover they wanted to charge us for each froshie through the door. Something about some really good musician playing.

Then it all made sense. We arrived at the venue and after some time a single man took the stage. His name was Robertson, and he was possibly one of the best live performers I've ever seen. At the time, he was working with Kid Koala on a project called Bullfrog. However, that night, he was all alone. While he set the stage with drum tracks pre-recorded for him by the lazy bear himself, Mark Robertson then proceeded to play guitar, sing, and keep a bass line running on an old foot organ. Bloody savants.

My buddy Linksy bought his 4 track EP, which I borrowed, ripped, and have listened to obsessively for the last 5 years. However, a new ray of hope shone through just recently; Robertson just released his latest album, Favorite People, for free on his website. The best part about this find was that he included one of my favorite tracks from the EP (Certain Shade of Green) on his new album.

Check the vid below, and go to his website and download the full length album!

-Time it takes ain't long enough to forget

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Brotherly Love

Well, I suppose once I've given countless, meaningless awards to the Black Crowes and raised Chris Robinson to the level of demi-God, the only thing left to do is talk about his brother Rich.

Rich Robinson
was a founding member of the Black Crowes, and shares the writing with his brother Chris. Listen to his tunes, and you'll see what I mean. Early 2000s when the Crowes went on hiatus, Rich recorded a solo album that I only recently stumbled across.

Again, I feel like I need to start leveling with you so I will; it's the Black Crowes with a different singer.

-Baby, I don't know if I can go for 90 minutes

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Ok Jesse... you win the internet for finding this.

-Don't worry... post as regular tomorrow

Monday, January 12, 2009

Firstman standing

Big week coming up for me and the rogues (read; Iain). We're hoping to play an open mic on Wednesday, a show in London in Saturday, and another gig next week in Oxford. Don't worry though baby, I'll still make time for you.

I'm going to venture towards pop today, so please, forgive my wicked soul. In fact, our discussion point today actually has the job of musical director for Carson Daly's house band. Still, he's a cool guy, and a good 'ol boy from Carolina. You ever heard of Joe Firstman?

Nah, me neither. Still, worth a listen early in the week if you need a bit of energy in the morning (I say while blogging in my underwear at 8am, still needing to get dressed for work).

-Don't say I didn't warn someone... just not sure who

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Your better half?

YAY!!! I get to talk about the Black Keys!!

Well, not exactly. We all know the typical rock star schedule; rise to God-like stardom and what do you do next? Release a solo album! Yup, Dan Auerbach will be sneaking away from Patrick for a moment to churn out his own little side project.

I know exactly what you're thinking; how is this going to sound any different when he's coming from a two piece? Besides, we all know drummers aren't musicians anyway, so isn't it like the Keys has practically all been a solo project?

*Dodging drumsticks*

The short answer is no, this likely won't be much different from the Keys, and that's fine by me. Odds are, after nearly 10 years and 7 albums together, the boys likely just need a break for something different. For Auerbach, that break will come with the release of Keep it Hid on Feb. 10 and the subsequent US tour.

Now go listen to The Prowl on his myspace already.

-Killing time without remorse

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Could you be any more british?

So, it's a new year and a new schedule. I'm going to try out the Tues/Thurs thing for a while, seeing as how, given my current workload, I still haven't figured out when I'm sleeping. I promise, if life gets more relaxed, I'll go back to MWF.

Getting right back into the spill of the UK, I thought I'd introduce all you NA's to what England has become. Never has a song more perfectly defined so many elements of idiotic english blokes getting pissed and trying to pick fights in bars.

And for all of this, we have Brighton's Floors and Walls to thank. This is the type of song, and band, which you either love, hate, or sit there for a minute or two scratching your head about. I respected it because it's both catchy and original, but at the same time, do have to admit to wanting to bash the lead singer's head in. I swear, it's only because his face is all screwed up.


I'm a man... I'm not supposed to be able to spell words like neglege

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Shanies: Best Album

The first time I heard this album, I was killing time in a record shop in Ottawa. After falling in love with their first release, I was angry with myself for not being aware of the softmore effort. Upon throwing the disc into a player for the first time, the anger was completely lost in a hazy of musical euphoria. I listened to the entire album once, twice, three times... for days. I almost ran the risk of growing to hate this album because almost nothing else worked into my musical rotation for nearly two weeks.

I considered this album to be on par with the White Album. No shit. I hadn't seen a band do anything this complete in my entire life. This group had managed to make an entire album which flowed together as an amazing body of work, however also keep each song as a stand alone, amazing track which could it's self be yet another single for the album.

That group is The Raconteurs. The album is Consolers of the Lonely. I'll say that The Black Keys and Attack & Release would have likely won this award on any other year, however Consolers was simply too perfect as an album.

I could say things about this album which would take this blog into the length necessary for a thesis, but instead I'll say the most important thing I can: go listen to the album. I know you've probably had it playing in the background before, and you've likely heard the singles on the radio, but please... I implore you, sit down, with nothing else to do and, from start to finish, listen to what I consider one of the greatest albums of my living years.

-Just don't tell the Foo Fighters :-p