Friday, October 30, 2009

Wake those eyes

So I was out for a few the other day at Bier Markt (and no, I did not just spell that wrong). I know it seems crazy that I might be out at a bar... but just go with me for a bit on this one. It was a Friday night and the boys were jumpin around the town looking for some action, when we stumbled across one of the tightest bands I'd seen in ages (granted I'd been in England a while).

Daylight for Deadeyes are a TO based trio who have been kickin it together for about 6 years. Their time together shows. After watching their drummer do justice to a John Bonham solo, they played an infectiously catchy little number called Are you Ready. I immediately became obsessed with this song and listened to it more than recommended by the Surgeon General.

After getting my fill of that song, I poked around on their myspace and dug up a plethora of gold. While Are You Ready was everything I hoped for in a song and more (catchy hook, funky beat, vocal harmonies, meaningless lyrics) the remainder of their song library was very different, but still full of catchy tunes.  My only problem was how in the world to classify this band.  In the end, I settled on 'fun' and got tired of thinking.

And yes... I am the laziest blogger you have ever met.

-Rejoice. Salvation is nowhere to be found

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rebirth of Shananigans

The past few months have been rough. Not only have I missed out on updating this little corner of the world and providing you with beautiful new music designed to give you eargasms, but I also spent 30 days being sodomized by a bike seat (albeit, for an incredible cause, and an amazing group of people). That said, I'm slowly but surely settling back into something of a normal life in my new home of Toronto.

I could get hung in certain provinces for saying this, but this city kicks ass. Knock it if you must, but I have never found such a large, accessible, and cool music scene as I have here (and yes, I am not having amnesia about the 8 years I spent in Montreal). The key to Toronto is that it is MASSIVE, and there is something for everyone.

I have a lot to catch up on from the past few months, but unquestionably, the most important piece of news in the music industry, if not in the entire world is the threat of earth collapsing upon it's self under the shear awesomeness of Them Crooked Vultures. I don't care if you're too cool for popular names, or if you don't like rock and roll... you will like this or I will find a way to curse you and 18 generations of your ancestry.

What happens when you take 3 of my favorite bands in the world and collide them in a particle accelerator? Dave Grohl is God. Josh Homme is the icon of 00's (or the naughty's as I've heard them referred to) rock and roll. John Paul Jones is... dude... fucking Zeppelin... what more do you want? Sometimes, the term 'Supergroup' just isn't enough, you know?

I'm probably babbling like a school girl, so I'll sum it up with this: album drops Nov. 17, so don't expect anything from me that day. I've already made plans involving a warm bath, a bottle of Jack Daniels, 2 ferrets and an intricate network of copper piping.

LASTLY!! If you're in the GTA and wanna rock out (with or without your cock out) this Thursday, Oct 29 my band, The Noble Rogues, is playing a show at Kathedral on Bathurst & Queen. It's a costume party, so dress appropriately (we will) and we hit the stage at 9pm SHARP.

-I'll get there when I get there if I even get there at all