Monday, May 30, 2011


You know, its weird... as a 90s rock obsessed kid, for all my loves, I never was a huge Jane's fan. I'm not sure what it was but bands like JA, RHCP and the likes were always good in my mind, but for some strange reason never had a link and unique appeal to me. It might have had something to do with the inconsistency, what with the band breaking up nearly every album and Perry Farrel going through more bandmates than a groupie at Woodstock.

However, Jane's Addiction may have finally struck the right chord with me. While being an on-again-off-again band for over 20 years (and yet only releasing 3 albums), their upcoming 4th LP The Great Escape Artist looks promising.  Specifically, I'm referring to the video below.  It's got all the markings of a Jane's song, but catches me in a way that no other JA song has.  Add in a healthy dose of the band's rampid sexuality, and you've got yourself one great, NSFW rock n roll video below:

-Here's my heart on someone else's sleeve... rip it off and take it back

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Into the dark

Supergroups have been all the rage lately, and while this one was on my radar a while ago, they hadn't really done anything until recently. Still, one's gotta respect a lineup like this:

Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple, Sabbath)
Jason Bonham (Swam in his father's nutsack for a while... was gifted with awe inspiring drum ability)
Derek Sherinian (played keys for basically everyone in the 80s)
Joe Bonamassa (seriously... if you don't know... get a clue)

But of course, expectations would be high.  They released an album in 2010 with a bit of a whimper and are poised to release their 2nd LP this June.  I'd be lying if I said that these tunes were epic tales of musical triumph a-la Crooked Vultures... if anything BCC is probably a little closer to Chickenfoot on the super group sliding scale.  There's some tasty riffs (thank you Joe) tight as hell drumming (thank you John... errr... I mean Jason) and a lot of Glenn Hughes (...).

Meh... if you were looking for your dose of throwback cock rock... you're welcome.

-Keep holdin on and sing my song; a siren's sin from deep within

Friday, May 20, 2011

Sweet like its refined

In my never-ending search for badass rock n roll, I stumbled across a fantastic Quebecois band in March.  I'm only just getting to them now because I'm a moron.

Hey Sugar is classic rock meets hardcore quartet from Montreal who've got enough attitude and riffage to last a few bands.  Not to be mistaken with a small cupcake shop, HS got their start around 2 years ago.  A band that was formed on the road, Hey Sugar has got all the makings of greatness (except for the fact that they're not pre-teens singing about binge drinking on a specific weekend day).

Give it a listen, give it some love.  Indie music needs the support.

-But for all the harm that I've caused, you know you'd suffer if I stopped

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nickles and Dimes

It's been a while, and I assure you, I missed you dearly.  Don't worry, I haven't lost touch with the good groove.  In fact, quite the contrary; music has been keeping me plenty busy.  My wonderful little band, The Noble Rogues, has been busy in the studio (see?) and in fact head back into the studio to finish up vocals tonight.  We're also playing a gig this Saturday at Lee's Palace if you're bored.

But what I really wanted to talk to you about today was some goodness I stumbled upon last night.  I was live on the radio with my brother Iain Wills and those fine boys at the Indielove Roundtable introduced me to a great, soulful band from BC, the Loose Change Trio.

Now that I've finished classes and am deep into research, I've been in a pretty chilled out mood, scruffy beard and all.  The trio captured the snapshot of my mind almost perfectly as listening to their tunes, I feel like I could almost be sitting at home, pawing at the window on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Just listen to 'Cast in Bronze' to see the kind of smooth, audio love I'm talking about:

-I'm sorry for my gentle lies that lulled you like a lullaby, now this melody will destroy us in our sleep