Friday, February 22, 2013

Weighing Ghosts

It's been a while and I feel I've been negligent.  Not a lot of time today before I bugger off to New York, but enough time to share this:

Happy Friday.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Vocal Navigation

While this will publish in the morning, for now, it is evening. I am tired, I am a few whiskies in and I don't know exactly why I'm writing right now.

So, this post should be about as good as any other.

For some weird reason, I've been listening to Guided By Voices lately. I was never a fan when I was younger and even now, I probably enjoy less than 30% of their back catalogue, including pretty much everything they've put out since their 2010 reunion. Generally speaking, I think I actually hate Robert Pollard's voice and I just tried to listen to I am a Scientist without falling asleep... couldn't do it.

With that glowing review out of the way, I will say that there are still a handful of songs that have seen rotation in my playlist as of late that have been fantastic little reminders of a simpler, wonderful time. So, instead of just sitting here and being an asshole, why don't we just listen to a solid track from 2004.

-Passion for its own sake within a veil of fickle heartbreak