Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cooking Hogtown

This has just been a difficult week for concerts for me.  This morning, I had big plans to wake up and write a nice long review about The Parlor Mob, who was supposed to be playing the 'shoe last night in support of their new album, Dogs. Instead, yesterday, I saw this link:

In consolation, I sat at home listening to classic rock and finishing off the better part of a bottle of red wine to myself.  I don't exactly know what, but reading that last sentence again really outlines me as a strange cat.

It was upon my awakening this morning that swift-kick-to-the-nards number 2 came up.  I received an email from none other than Mr. Jordan Cook himself, thanking me for my kind words from NXNE and hoping I could make it to his show this Friday, Oct. 14 at The Garrison. I'd actually seen this FB event the day before, but hoping it was somehow in error, since I knew I would be in Montreal all weekend.

That said, Jordan, I love you... but these days, what's waiting in Montreal for me has got you beat.  ;-)

Still, this is my call out to all you Torontonians to come out and support my fellow prairie boy as he shreds up the stage on Friday night.  I don't make this call as a favour to him, but to you.  If you have not seen Jordan live, you will be astounded by this virtuoso who will undoubtedly bring the house down with his frantic flicks of a guitar string (6 of 'em to be exact). Wish I could be there, but some things just take priority.

-What I owe you can't be counted or saved. What I owe expires with age.

Monday, October 3, 2011

I bought in

I hate it so very much when I discover a band because some huge corporation has paid them royalties to use one of their songs in a commercial. However, I don't hate it to the point where I won't be exceptionally happy that I stumbled across the band. I was watching some pre-season hockey with the roomies (yes, I'm that Canadian... deal with it) when a Jack Daniels commercial came on for their new Tennessee Honey.  In addition to being very curious about this new punch-to-the-face of sweetness, Mr. Daniels also introduced me to the wonderful Stone Foxes.
Hailing from San Fran, The Stone Foxes are a four piece who have been playing together for around 6 years. With a sound that comes off at times similar to The Black Keys at times and at others, a throwback to early Rolling Stones (when they still had some soul), the sound of this band hits all the right checkboxes for me. After a phenominal record in 2008's self-titled debut, they have just released their second effort Bulls and Bears. The first single, "Psycho", from the new album can be seen at the bottom, however it was their cover of Slim Harpo's "I'm a King Bee" that earned them their Whisky notoriety.
-Can't get you off my mind so just stay on and let it ride