Wednesday, February 20, 2008

As Live As Your FACE!

To those of you who aren’t a big fan of the cold, I have this to say: bite my frozen Manitoban ass. I get sick and tired of hearing people bitch, piss and moan about how freezing it is. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no stranger to letting out a little shiver now and then, but I also appreciate all of the good that comes along with winter.

However, the one depressing part of our months of frozen wasteland is the live music situation. It seems as though everyone simply decides it’s too damned cold to live, let alone put on a show and expect people to come out. That or all the bands I like are just pansies and decided to tour south of the Mason-Dixon line to keep their balls warm. While you may have just missed the a rocker thrown on stage for you by my own band Paper Street, and our good friends The Doppler Effect, I’m here to show you that the live scene is not currently dead, It’s just hibernating… but beginning to awaken.

The award for shameless plug goes to our good friends in Shaking Judy. This Saturday, Feb 23, the boys are heading a show at Bar St. Laurent 2 (5550 St. Laurent). As though tall-boy bottles for $6 wasn’t enough motivation to go, they’re also playing with a couple amazing bands; Bass Lions from the Hammer, and the local Heros and Villans.

The award for most anticipated album is going to Hollerado. We had a lucky chance to share the stage with these guys and Bullmoose back in fall ’07, and the only bad thing I can say about these gentleman is that they drink beer as fast as Paper Street, and kept stealing all the beer (however, since we stole it all from a frosh event, I guess we can’t be mad). Headed by a former Delegate (of the Delegates infamy) the guys make music energetic, accessible fun. They are releasing their new album on Friday, Feb 29, at the good ‘ol barfly (4062a St. Laurent). If you need any more convincing, check out their site and take a listen to ‘Americana’.

The award for sproinging my doinging goes to Giselle Webber of Hot Springs. I don’t know what it is about rock goddesses, but they always seem to tingle my bathing suit area. I recently stumbled upon the Springs and have been salivating at what little recordings I’m able to track down. Once I’d learned that their recent album was produced by Cummins (Bionic) my strange, unrelenting obsession suddenly made sense. After lurking over their site for the last few weeks waiting for a show, they’ve finally announced a Montreal date to be played Sat., March 1 at Lion d’or (1676 Ontario E.).

Next up, whilst not in Montreal, I may still have to make the trip to attend Canadian Music Week in Toronto. The festival spans a number of different venues in the desolate wasteland of T. and runs from March 5 – 8. You tell me if this line up is worth going to the city we all hate: Danko Jones, Grady, Slowcoaster, Mongrels, United Steel Workers of Montreal, Hollerado, Hey Rossetta!, Finger 11, Besnard Lakes, New Pornographers, Tokyo Police Club, Tom Fun Orchestra, Shaun Verreault (of Wide Mouth Mason), The Hives, (fuck) Hawksley Workman (douchbag), Black Lungs, Gogol Bordelo and about 200 other bands. Oh, and did I mention that festival passes are only $35. Add to that the $20 return bus ticket and a $700 budget for alcohol, and it sounds like a resounding 'yes' to me!

Our last award of the night is for bands who make me go to big ‘stadium type’ shows. First, I hate them like I hate touching mouldy cheese. The sound sucks, the intimacy is gone, and there are always a fuckload of annoying people who should be made sterile. That being said, I always seem to go to around one a year. Last year, it was Tool, this year’s winner is 311. I’m not going to say they’re even one of my favorite bands that I simply need to go see, however they are one of the most energetic live shows in existence, and this is the first time they’re touring Canada. Add to that the fact that my roommate will kill me in my sleep if I don’t go and...shit, I’M THERE! If you wanna tag along tickets around roughly $30, and the show is at Metropolis on Wed., March 19.