Monday, April 21, 2008

It's My Birthday and I'll Do What I Want to.

I'm one year older, and one less the wiser. Today, I don't feel like writing a lot, but I feel like giving a lot. As such, I'm not going to weave some magical tale of wonder for you, all I'm going to do is link you to some of my favorite musical moments on the internet. All I can say is, Happy Birthday to me, and this is my present to you.

If ever I feel down, all I need to do is listen to the Crowes. It helps that Letterman sounds like a dumbass, but in the end this song just makes me feel alive. I walked through the park today with my shoes off and let the sun beat down on my back. This song come on my headphones and I swear to God I stopped on spot, looked up and the sun and smiled.

Still one of the most amazing bands I've never seen live, Mutemath has energy to boot. Whenever I want to be inspired for a live show, or try to gain ideas on stage presence, I watch this video. There's something beautiful about just letting go. If you really want your mind to explode, watch this version.

Hi, my name is Jordan. I play a bit of guitar.

The first time I saw this video, I think I actually shed a couple tears. I've always appreciated Harper's music, but sometimes, the true test of a musician is not in knowing how to play, but in knowning how to bring the right people together, to create something amazing.

And most importantly, so it is saved for last, music is about your friends. I'm 26 years old, and lord knows I'd have never even made it close to this far without a little help.

-Sing today. In the shower, on the street, alone, or for someone... just sing.