Friday, October 30, 2009

Wake those eyes

So I was out for a few the other day at Bier Markt (and no, I did not just spell that wrong). I know it seems crazy that I might be out at a bar... but just go with me for a bit on this one. It was a Friday night and the boys were jumpin around the town looking for some action, when we stumbled across one of the tightest bands I'd seen in ages (granted I'd been in England a while).

Daylight for Deadeyes are a TO based trio who have been kickin it together for about 6 years. Their time together shows. After watching their drummer do justice to a John Bonham solo, they played an infectiously catchy little number called Are you Ready. I immediately became obsessed with this song and listened to it more than recommended by the Surgeon General.

After getting my fill of that song, I poked around on their myspace and dug up a plethora of gold. While Are You Ready was everything I hoped for in a song and more (catchy hook, funky beat, vocal harmonies, meaningless lyrics) the remainder of their song library was very different, but still full of catchy tunes.  My only problem was how in the world to classify this band.  In the end, I settled on 'fun' and got tired of thinking.

And yes... I am the laziest blogger you have ever met.

-Rejoice. Salvation is nowhere to be found