Monday, June 11, 2012

0.62 Miles

Normally, I tend to not use this blog as a soap box for friend's bands.  My criteria for who I pick is pretty standard, regardless of whether I know you or not; you gotta be able to get inside my head and stick with me for a while.  As such, it was with great glee that I saw not 1 but 2 different bands formed of good friends over the weekend.  While I will soon tell you more about Harbinger, this week's slot is going to be won out by Kilometre, since I kinda owe Matt about a lifetime supply of high fives after recording both NR albums for table scraps.

The boys took to the stage at the Hard Rock on Friday night and while I am a consumate rock enthusiast, after the week I'd had, I could do little more than sit in the middle back and nod it elation (insert lame old man jokes here). Their set wasn't without technical difficulties (read: Mark Watts flying ass over tea kettle into a stack of amps and drums in the first song... MARK! You're supposed to do that at the END of the set :-P) nor without the issue that I like to call the 'Hard Rock' factor (an incredible phenomenon whereby, even with a $100k sound system and one of the best rooms in the city, the sound guy always seems to botch some element of the mix), but the boys still brought their A game after roughly a year away from the stage.  With new bassist Andrew McCready in tow, KM tore through song after song, mixing styles between hard rock, psychadelic prog, post hardcore, and even something a little sexy.

If you're wanting to see for yourself, take a listen below.  Since the boys are so nice, you can even download their 3 track EP for free! At minimum, listen to my favourite track, This City, Red, and forward to 3:08 to have your mind blown.

-God gave you a wiggle and gave you a shake, but he don't care about the moves you make