Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pimping Live

I've been to an embarrassing number of shows this year... I'll chalk it up to being exceptionally busy with work and on the road more than 50% of the time. That said, I always have to thank my close friends for smacking me around a bit and dragging me out to shows, since I know I'll always love them (even if the morning after mild ear-ringing and hangover combination makes work a bit of a bitch).

So thank you Steve, for taking me to see an old haunt, The Deer Hunter, at Mod Club last night. Possibly one of the hardest working prog brains in the biz, Casey Crescenzo (yes, that is his real name) has produced an ungodly amount of music since forming DH in 2005. Granted, it all averages out to about a full length per year (which is already impressive) but add to that the complexity and intricacy with which their songs are crafted and scored and you can imagine that this band does little else than eat, sleep and write.

That said, their live set didn't suffer, so they must spend any leftover moments touring. The band played for roughly two and a half hours and wove a set through a massive variety of rockers, ballads, trippy ambience and everything in between. What I respected the most is that even amidst a drunk, dumbass TO crowd calling out song names, the band stuck to their guns and stated that this was the set "they crafted for and wanted to play for us."

And I liked the set they played for me, not only because they played my favourite DH song.

-I ain't gonna stop till the feeling is wrong, got me sewn up tight and afraid no more