Tuesday, February 4, 2014

To Utterly Destroy

Forgive me father Internet, for I have sinned. It seems these temptations, often known as "work" and "real life" lure me away from your entrapment periodically, and prevent me from posting my weekly communion inside of you for all to read and enjoy.

What's that? 5 rosemaries and a solid blog post and all is forgiven? Ahhh few things can match your compassion and understanding. This kindness AND an infinite supply of porn? Just wow.

So, aside from relistening to Alanis Morissette's Jagged Little Pill a lot lately (I'm not even kidding a little... that album fucking holds up), one of my latest obsessions has been LA's Obliterations. Stephen McBean, Vancouver's prodigal axeman (think Black Mountain and Pink Mountaintops) teamed up with a trio of Californians to take their own stab at the Hardcore scene. Their first two EPs, a Self-Titled and The Hole, are each 4 tracks of an incredible modern take on old-school hardcore, a la Black Flag.

I'm not sure who found these guys first, Jesse or myself? However, one thing I know... is that both of us needed to change our underwear when the news was announced that they were signing to Southern Lord records and would be recording their first LP at Dave Grohl's Studio 606, through his newly acquired, epically awesome Neve Board (seriously... if you haven't seen Sound City yet... go lock yourself in a hole until you're done).

-You keep on calling me just a coward, I'm gonna say something a little bit weird