Saturday, December 24, 2016

Shanies: Video of the Year

Ahhh the video of the year... like the best actor at the Model of the Year awards. Still... something to be said for a group that can pull it all together with a beautiful visage that so perfectly describes the sound they pour out into the world.

And few did it as well this year as PUP. Already with the song If this Tour Doesn't Kill You, I Will, they perfectly encapsulate so many of the joys and frustrations of being in a band. Essentially speaking to the difficulties of life as a musician and the hardship one faces on the road, paired against being locked in close quarters with 2 or 3 people whom, if you didn't love before, you will learn to either love or hate, this song kinda just nails it and the graphic video only pushes that forward. Perhaps it's just me, but the entire time watching a group of friends stab each other, light each other on fire, and genrally try to kill each other, there is a beauty in the bond and connection that one could come so close to another person so as to need to kill them to get away.

In short, I love you all... now die.

-Peel back the time that weighs on your mind