Monday, December 24, 2018

Shanies: Video of the Year

Historically one of two types of videos have usually won this award: they are either hilarious or dark and mysterious. This year is unquestionably the former.

Anderson .Paak released his third full-length this year (not including Breezy Lovejoy or NxWorries), Oxnard. The true tragedy of this was that the best song on the album, and my pick for video of the year, wasn't even on the album. Bubblin was released as a teaser single a few months ahead of Oxnard to build hype and have me in stitches on the ground.

The video follows a relatively simple question of "what would you do with all the money in the world" through a hilarious mechanic of an ATM that won't stop spitting out money. It sees Paak going through pretty much every single ridiculous hip hop stereotype in the book and somehow both simultaneously mocking it and paying homage to it. This is likely due to the most important differentiator of the video: Paak himself. His spastic, confident, happy, and in-your-face energy is infectious even through 560 pixels, and one can't help but find themselves glued to this man's every move as he shuffles from one ridiculous context to the next.

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