Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dynamic Duo Week: Big in Japan

I need to say something a little bit contentious: Vancouver, you're falling behind. The rest of Canada is churning out some awesome tunes, and while you've been a hotbed for the best of Canadian Hip Hop, I'm a bit disappointed at your performance in the rock sector. Sure, you have Black Mountain, but don't think that'll hold forever.

See, that's what I would have said BEFORE I learned about Japandroids. Fortunately, Vancouver and I have now kissed and made up. For this glorious reunion, we can thank Brian King and Dave Prowse; Two friends who decided to get together, start making music, and after a while, got sick of looking for a bassist.

However they, as so many duos can quickly realize, found that bass is optional, and a duo can still blast enough noise to render you sterile. With two EPs under their belt, JPNDRDS have just released their first full length Post-Nothing. They've been doing shows in and around Vancouver for almost 3 years, and have taken the odd weekend trip to locals around Canada. However, just this month they have been lucky enough to finally score some true time away from the grind and are doing a North American tour. Take a look at their page and you might be able to catch them somewhere near you.

And if you don't believe me, then I might just cry.

-Gotta trust in love when love is all you got