Thursday, April 23, 2009

Take it back

Birthdays always cause me to get a bit nostalgic. To the average person, this would mean thinking fondly of old memories and looking up old friends. To me, this means digging back through my music library.

I started this birthday as I've started every birthday for nearly 10 years: by listening to Happy Birthday to Me by The Vandals. This quickly threw me back into my teenhood love of punk rock. I immediately started listening to the classics; Lagwagon, NOFX, Dropkick, Flogging Molly. All was right in the world.

It was thus, fitting, or perhaps telling, that I would, during this time, stumble accross The Roman Line. To make life simple, this is drag 'em out, drink 'em down, rowdy boys, gang-vocaled punk rock. Fueled in a line similar to Dropkick or Floggin, The Roman Line is Ontario's answer to Canadian Irish descendants who want to play music.

So enjoy the tune, and try not to get drunk just watching the video.

-What men like you have witnessed, I have endured