Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Almost Worthwhile

On Sunday night, I spent 2 hours watching one of the worst movies of my life. Observe & Report, featuring Seth Rogan, was quite simply a painful experience. However, this is not a movie review site, so I won't get into describing the intimate details of why this movie was worse than having sex with a cactus.

Always the opportunist, I chose to make positive of this situation by realizing that the movie did have one good thing going for it: the soundtrack. The best part about the soundtrack was that it did not use well known hits of the 80's & 90's, nor did it continue the circle of media dutch-rowboating (thank you Kevin Smith) by putting in the upcoming single from the next big rub-one-out-angsty-rock-band. This meant that I had some research to do.

I stumbled across a few gems, however the diamond in the rough for this movie was found in the form of a 70's progressive jazz-rock band named Patto. Since frontman Mike Patto died of Cancer in 1979 at the tender age of 36, there obviously hasn't been any material in a while. However, sometimes, it's nice to just be able to listen to the legacy.

Patto is a chilled out cross between Miles Davis, T. Rex's Slider, and a sheet of acid so large it could cover a California King. Long, tripped out songs are accented by powerful, repeated melodies and then laid back to just sit for a while. It's the perfect music to listen to while sitting down, slowly nodding your head and saying to yourself, "I am the most epic human being to ever grace this beautiful earth."

You know... that or you could have sex to it.

-I don't love you so you're ok with me