Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mauled by an amplifier

The weekend in Montreal was the kind one writes tales about.  Our concert was great and in addition to packing a tiny little venue with far too many people, I made a good friend in the sound man who was playing some fantastic tunes between sets.

One of the groups he dropped before we went on was a hard rock -ish band from Matane, QC called Attack of the Microphone.  I laughed, more than a little.... ok, a lot, when I saw that none other than Jonathan Cummins produced their latest album.  Suddenly it all started making a lot of sense.

These guys cover a huge gambit of genres from something punky and driving, almost Bronx-esque, to moments that almost resemble less-prog versions of I Mother Earth.  Their live shows looks like a monkey-fun in a blender and I have NOTHING ELSE TO SAY.

Off to see Dirty Analogue @ the Shoe.

-Try to tell me anything but the truth