Friday, June 18, 2010

NXNE: Day 2

I'll say it... wow.

So, if ever I thought that these festivals were getting dull and repetitive, thank you, day 2, for proving me wrong.  The Willsinator and I wandered around Q west for a while and eventually made our way up Spadina.  We entered a small unmarked door at around 2pm and joined a random, somewhat secret rooftop society of rock and roll, nachos, cheap beer, and ridiculous fun.

I spent the afternoon getting a ridiculous sunburn, drinking far too much Steamwhistle, having my mind blown by Sandman Viper Command, eating more nachos, striking the vogue with Andrea, and then listening to Hollerado, a personal favorite, rock out on top of a small rooftop apartment.

After the Holler boys, we had a pint at Black Bull before I headed home and passed the fuck out for a good hour.  Something about the combination of massive amounts of cheap beer, tons of sun, and jumping around all afternoon had apparently made me sleepy.

I awoke in a daze, and was ushered into a cab, to find myself shaken to life in The Hideout.  Some horrible, but tight (at least they had that going, right?) band played while I watched Boston lose and cursed the name Kobe.  Once I had resolved to the end of a sporting eve, my focus turned back on rock and an incredible band from Holland called De Staat.  These guys were some strange, prog-y rocktacular combination of QOTSA and meth amphetamines.  I suppose it also helped that I'm pretty sure two people in the audience were on meth:

I was fading hard and fast, but I managed enough energy for one more set.  Fortunately, I did stick around to see the Birthday Boys put on a hell of a way to end my night.  Entirely what I did not expect, these guys impressed me with their huge talent across all players, infectious songwriting, and hard as nails rock and roll attitude.

Sadly, our insane dancers had tuckered themselves out... so all I had to enjoy at this point was rock.

It was enough to make me go home and eat myself to sleep.  Seriously though... I'm still hungry.  Man I'd kill for some pad thai right now.

-Where's the smile that you usually wear?  Give to me the problems you bear.