Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Into the dark

Supergroups have been all the rage lately, and while this one was on my radar a while ago, they hadn't really done anything until recently. Still, one's gotta respect a lineup like this:

Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple, Sabbath)
Jason Bonham (Swam in his father's nutsack for a while... was gifted with awe inspiring drum ability)
Derek Sherinian (played keys for basically everyone in the 80s)
Joe Bonamassa (seriously... if you don't know... get a clue)

But of course, expectations would be high.  They released an album in 2010 with a bit of a whimper and are poised to release their 2nd LP this June.  I'd be lying if I said that these tunes were epic tales of musical triumph a-la Crooked Vultures... if anything BCC is probably a little closer to Chickenfoot on the super group sliding scale.  There's some tasty riffs (thank you Joe) tight as hell drumming (thank you John... errr... I mean Jason) and a lot of Glenn Hughes (...).

Meh... if you were looking for your dose of throwback cock rock... you're welcome.

-Keep holdin on and sing my song; a siren's sin from deep within