Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Silver Lining

In one of the most ridiculous travel experiences I've had in my entire life, I found myself returning to Toronto 4 days late from the UK after spending time in not one, but two Swiss cities. I won't bother to get into the details, but needless to say, I was kinda pissed about the whole ordeal, and had it not been for a very comfortable bed, a much angrier Shane could have emerged.

However, to every cloud, there is a silver lining. Had I never missed my first flight due to an overturned Lorry on the M25, I would have never paid $700 to rebook my flight with Swiss Air, miss a connection, spend a night in Geneva and finally take an Air Canada flight back to Toronto. I would have also never seen the movie The Limey. The movie was dark and really fucked up, however, it exposed me to a fantastic song called King Midas in Reverse by The Hollies.

The Hollies were a 60s Brit pop/rock group from the Manchester, and the starting point for future icon Graham Nash (of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young fame). Their vocal-harmony heavy, tripped out songs earned them a 2010 nod into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and though they would technically be an active band from 1962 through the 80s, and still dabbling into the 90s and noughties, they never received a huge amount of commercial success outside of the UK past a year or two in the 60s.

Was the song below worth $700?  Doubtful, but it is a damned good song.

-I love you, nobody