Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Half the Equation

Only a few weeks ago (Ok, like 2 months... I know I don't post much) I spoke to you about the Pomplamoose duo. In addition to spending hours upon end enthralled by their series of videosongs, I quickly learned that both members of the group also have very active solo projects.

Now, not to rain on Nataly's parade... however I know where my allegiances lie.  The two musicians provide a fantastic balance to each other to generate some incredible, catchy tunes.  However, Jack Conte's true colours shine through in his solo work. You can tell he's been very well trained in theory as, beyond being an exceptional multi-instrumentalist, his songs are exceptionally ambitious, hugely varied epics of progressive rock (kinda) which still manages to come across accessible.

It's kinda like what would happen if that savant music kid you know at university decided he was going to make prog rock alone in his bedroom... with every kind of musical toy and bit of recording gear you could ever imagine and all the time in the world to play with editing and producing software.

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