Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What a Massive Mess

At this point... I should really just stop being surprised.  The past week has seen so many reunions, that I feel like I'm an awkward teenager again, quietly listening to music in my parents basement and dreaming of bigger things to come in the future.

Still, today is a big one.  Of all my 90's vices, few were as strong as the whirlwind force led by Ian Thornley: Big Wreck. After the much overdue reunion between Thornley and guitarist Brian Doherty, the inevitable was bound to happen.  Now, we can sit in excited anticipation of the new album, Albatross (only the 3rd album in the band's sparse 15 year history).  In short, rejoice... one of Canada's greatest rock arrangements is coming back.

-Death is just another way of living