Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Clean Horse Dirty

The only thing that I can't figure out yet is why its taken me this long to stumble upon quasi-country music that I like.  Granted, to call this country would be misnomer; let's go with folk, or alt country or some other BS genre that we've created to allow ourselves to feel superior with our taxonomic intellect.

Grouchy Monday morning, eh? Less so after listening to Whitehorse. A fusion between two decently known Canadian solo acts - Melissa McClennand and Luke Doucet - Whitehorse released their debut self-titled at the end of the summer. Using the fantastic blend between their two distinct voices, Whitehorse comes off as both sweet and quaint but with enough edge to keep you unsettled in your chair.  Below is a fantastic live version that the two performed in CBC's radio2 studio, however, if you have a chance, wander over to their website to hear the album version in its full instrumental glory.

-To my only love, know...