Monday, February 27, 2012

Epic Fail

First, I need to thank today's artist for making my post title so easy.  Rarely does a band incorporate such a perfect pun into their own name.

So thank you, Failure Epics, or should I say Jon Epworth.  My first introduction to Epworth was on the drums with the Dean Malenkos, through my buddy Jesse.  The Malenkos were shit tons of fun and an incredibly tight punk band, however, while it was a great throwback to weird punk greats such as the Vandals, their work was by no means groundbreaking.  That said, Epworth has finally taken his place on the throne and composed, performed and produced nearly his entire album (with a smattering of help from friends).  His 6-track, self-titled EP is described on his label's page as exploring "maculate conception – a new species willed into existence by the earth’s consciousness; disease and waste incarnate, born solely for the evisceration of the human race: born sexless, born bloodless."

Beyond the descriptor being a little out there, Epworth's music is an epic blend of prog transitions, metal riffs, massive vocal and instrumental layering and dark, haunting themes.  You can get a free download of 'Soothsayer' which is streamed below, or if you navigate to Exclaim, you can also take a sneak peek at the whole album.
-I've taken all I can, now how do I give back more?