Monday, April 2, 2012

File Away for Later

During CMW, one sees a lot of new music, however, at times, great new finds come not from a live show, but from some of the stranger, darker corners of the festival.  I've watched Audioblood grow into a solid, established artist dev shop and each year, I look forward to their mixtapes, usually released at CMW and NXNE.  Inevitably, there is a lot of filler on there that I don't really care for, however, nearly always, I find at least one solid gem.

This year's gem was The Archives from Toronto. A four-piece rock band true to form, there is nothing massively unique about this setup or sound except their songwriting (which, of course, one could argue is all that matters).  Blending elements of pop, punk, folk and rock that draw inspiration from countless musical generations past, the sound that emerges is a simple yet uniquely 'theirs.'  Just another great indie rock band emerging from the GTA.

Check their live video for Sheep's Clothing below, however, if you want to hear my favourite track, Tiger Hugs, go over to Audioblood and download the free mixtape.

-I got that gun in your hand