Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Pot That Blends Us All

Few things make me happier than good friends and good music.  As such, by logical extension, one would assume that when good friends make good music... it's a pretty damned awesome thing.

And one would assume correctly.  Old comrades of the Rogues and general all-around-awesome dudes, the boys in Melting Pot have been creating a perfect blend of rock, blues and soul that strikes a chord with my musical core on the best and worst of days.  Some of their songs are uplifting, others can knock you on your ass.

And what's better than great music?  Free great music.  For the month of March (hurry, only 2 days left), Melting Pot is graciously GIVING AWAY their latest EP, Somewhere in this Debris, over at New Music 10.  You'd be a fool not to pick this album up, even if only to listen to my two favourite tracks, "What You Need" and, featured below, "It'll Be Alright."

-Little man you're a boy, little boy you're nothin at all