Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fit it all in

I know it's been a while, and for that, I apologize profusely. I've been caught in a turmoil of moving (the new place is awesome!) and drinking with amazing friends. While I didn't have any time to write, that doesn't mean I wasn't still hard at work finding new material for my intentionally-incorrectly spelled namesake website (so stop sending me emails already... I know how to spell shenanigans... it's a play on words people!).
But I digress, you didn't come here for a rant. You came here for some tunes.  This week all discovery nods (and subsequent profits... HA!) go to Willsy for sourcing out Kram. Years ago, I used to follow this awesome Auzzie alt-rock band called Spiderbait, of which Mark Maher (aka Kram) was a founding member, singer and drummer. Songs like 'Buster' and 'Fucking Awesome' still pop up on my player now and then when I'm randomizing through the 90s.  However, once Maher had some time during a Spiderbait hiatus, he worked on a solo project that is worthy of many commendations. The result was 2009's Mixtape, which was an incredibly ambitious album which Maher describes best himself: "I wanted it to be like a radio station where all the songs sound like different bands but its all played by one person. The premise of the whole album was to be constantly changing your approach musically."

So, check the tune below, but also be sure to delve into some of his other tracks since, as indicated above, they all have a very distinct feel to them.

-I could get lost with today in my eyes