Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Forerunning Music

A few weeks back, I promised you the introduction to more wonderful Toronto music. Just a few weeks ago, I saw this band play the Bovine... or excuse me, tear the Bovine a new anus (ewwww... that saying really doesn't work this one particular venue) with a good friend holding it down behind the kit.

That band was none other than one of Toronto's newest progressive hard rock bands, Harbinger. I'll come clean: the first time my friend asked me to check out his band, I had apprehensions. After seeing too many shitty chud metal bands in TO take themselves way too seriously and thrash their ass-length hair around a depressing stage, I'd developed a healthy skepticism towards live heavy music.  However, upon the first dropped note of Harbinger, I could tell they were something different.  They took the approach to heavy music the right way; keep it interesting, keep it dynamic, keep it powerful, keep it impossible to play on the drums (thank you Serkan) and try not to take yourself too seriously. Each member of this group brings unparalleled talent to the stage, however, they wisely see that their greatest strength should be in songwriting and allowing each other the room to shine where necessary.  In one moment, Harbinger can go from something ethereal to another moment of ripping a riff designed to absolutely destroy a crowd.

In short, I'm a fan.  They rightly compare themselves to Periphery and I would argue that they have a bit of Porcupine Tree in them too.  If you don't believe me, check below or go to their bandcamp to check their EP.

-Traveling two feet behind trying to get in a fight with your mind