Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mack no More

A couple of weeks ago, Jesse & Tasha were in town and crashing at my place.  Amidst the unhealthy-eating, excessive-drinking and wedding-going, Jesse and I did our usual wip-it-out-and-see-who's-music-is-better routine.  While we had a number of great tunes to share, mostly heavier, the winner for my money was when I was introduced to Seattle-based MC, Macklemore.

While initially, I was drawn to the infectious hilarity of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' latest single, Thrift Shop, what ultimately drew me in was the depth, thoughtfulness and variety of the combo's beats, lyrics and approach to music. I immediately drew a lot of correlations to Atmosphere, however, I would argue that Mack's music gets even more exploratory and out there.

Check below and become addicted to the first, fun single off they're latest release, however, do your self a favour and dig a bit deeper into what has been an impressive, albeit still young, career in hip hop.

-Looking at your mouth and into the back of your brain