Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Worth Their Stones

Dear Windsor, thanks for one of my favourite new bands: The Blue Stones.

So granted, they're only new to me. This rock duo has been going for only around a year and a half (which in the grand scheme of things, ain't that long) and has still managed to solidify a strong, driving, melodic sound. They've got presence, their tracks are catchy and when they need to rip it open, these boys know how to rock.

I had a chance to preview their upcoming release How's That Sound? and I don't use these words lightly: this album has a chance to break into my tops for 2012. The tracks all flow wonderfully together, however, each has its own unique feel to make for an exceptionally well-rounded album. The opening track, Criminals, is a groovy, slow burn that opens right up in the chorus. This sets the tone for an album that is pleasantly all-over the rock map. However, for my money, the best tracks on the album are the Cage-the-Elephant-esque Rolling With the Punches and my personal favourite, Eats You Up - a driving number that echoes ancient memories of sitting around listening to my favourite 90's alt-rock bands. Their songs combine accessible simplicity with intelligent songwriting, melodic vocals with anthemic guitar riffs, laid back rhythms with driving beats and a two-piece sound that they self-describe almost perfectly as a strange marriage between bands like The Black Keys and Mutemath.

4 important recommendations, so listen up:
  • Go here, download their free single, Criminals
  • If you're in TO, head to the Bovine on Friday, Oct. 26 to catch them live
  • Stop emailing me pictures of you topless; I keep opening them at work
  • Patiently lick your lips in anticipation of their Nov. 3 digital release

-Everyone fears the calm, but you've never seen a storm like this