Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Backward Sound Forward

I've been tripping on a lot of old tunes these days - stuff that sounds really grimey but lets the absolute soul shine through. Been listening to a lot of old blues recordings, gritty acoustic stuff and early rock and roll.

Today was a day of obsessively listening to The Sonics. One of the original 60s garage rock bands, they blew up out of Washington and arguably laid the groundwork for future generations of grunge rockers. They played a lot of covers and blues/rock standards, however, they played them with such fury and intensity that I don't think anyone would have really called them on it.

As an aside, some of you may recognize the song below from another one of my obsessions, The Black Keys. While the keys did a monster cover of this song in 2003, I prefer the Sonic's version. However, the original song was actually an old R&B number by Richard Berry.

And now you know...

-Go right ahead, deliver me in chains