Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mixing the Madness

It's been a weird week which means I'm in a weird mood and of course, means I'm listening to some weird music. I'd been digging into a lot of really experimental stuff, almost as though I were searching for the perfect song to define my mind and in doing so, wrap everything into a neat little package. While the intended result fell short, the song existed and gradually found its way to me.

I was playing around with some new sounds with coworker and good friend Paul when we began to have an impromptu listening party for inspiration. Here, he introduced me to Son Lux, aka Ryan Lott - a colleague from Paul's past at Indiana University. While I was blown away by the world that Lott's music spanned, one song in particular stuck out and has been occupying my mind to the point of near obsession.

While the original is already brilliant, it was a remix of the song Weapons done by Nico Muhly that would ultimately grab me by the cortex and drag my mind around. Rapid panning strings chaotically build over jazz-infused break beats, all breaking way to a beautiful, ambient surface on which the song continues to play for nearly 4 glorious minutes.

-The only things I hate about myself are the things I can't see