Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hot Rock

Preface: it's going to be hot as balls today and I'm listening to a lot of rock n roll. I went on a bit of a tirade over the weekend and have tons of new riff-happy tunes to share.

The first is from a Brooklyn band called Earl Greyhound. EG is one of those bands that has been around now for a decade, and yet, while generating a strong indie following, has always seemed to sit just outside of the mainstream. Through 3 LPs and another 3 EPs, they've managed to establish themselves as a strong but weirdly unique blues-infused hard rock band. The dueling male-female vocals of guitarist Matt Whyte and bassist Kamara Thomas set a unique and somewhat uneasy stage for a chaotic force of rock, held down by drummer Ricc Sheridan.

Their songs range from anthemic, power-chord sing alongs to slow burn, awkward and eerie grunge-revival ballads to, my personal favourite, riff-heavy head boppers, such as the tasty little jam below.

-Giving up the saved face to smile through the day