Friday, July 5, 2013

Electric Confusion

If I were to sum up my listening tastes as of late into one word, that word would be 'weird.' Ever since QOTSA released the brilliantly uncanny Like Clockwork, I've been on a listening tirade to continually befuddle and defy my brain.

As such, when I found out that an old favourite, Rose Hill Drive, had released a new record over a year ago that I was completely absent for, I was excitedly confused. There's still a healthy dose of southern, riff-heavy insanity on the album, but it gets blended with a healthy amount of spastic, cross-dressing, in-your-face, jolty, unpredictable noise. The album took a couple of listens to grow on me, but now I find myself twitching along to every screech and blurp. It has become a glorious, psychedelic trip down an auditory glory-hole.

The song below, Psychoanalyst, is one of the more tame tracks on the album, perhaps representing a moment to step-back and become soberly introspective...that or I'm overanalyzing things. That said, if you're willing to dig further down the rabbit hole, check out the full release; it's worth every penny.

-And this phantom twitch keeps on beating in my vestigial heart