Friday, August 23, 2013

Retro Nerd Rock

Those eastcoasters after my own heart in The Motorleague have done it again. After blowing minds with their sophomore release, Acknowledge, Acknowledge, and making my gut hurt that I laughed so hard at the cock-rock-esque video for North America, they have just this week dropped to the world an incredible new video for the song Failsafes.

The video, a trip down digital memory lane for those of us who grew up with the greatest PC video games ever made, required either a great deal of expertise on their hands or a lot of time on their hands or both. It shows some classic scenes from some of the classic abandonware of our youth, all appropriately timed and displaying the lyrics in the style of the original game. Well played, lads.

-When you show me what your sight sounds like, I'll show you how my mind tastes