Friday, August 30, 2013

Retro Rock Redux

Since one good turn ALWAYS deserves another, let's chat a bit more about hard rock from the 70s.

In specific, let's chat Tin House. A band that, seemingly, never made much of an impact in their hay day... but still, no reason to discount them from rocking awesomeness. The band was a proving ground for future Johnny/Edgar Winter guitarist Floyd Radford, and you can definitely hear a bit of the stylistic comparison. Perhaps strangest of all, I read somewhere on the internet that they played a reunion show in 2006 and even played semi-consistently for a while after.  Could be lies... you know how the internet is.

Most importantly, it's Friday, and you'd rather rock out than think.  So go nuts:

-You raise 3 fingers to the sky, between the lines is our reply