Thursday, June 4, 2009

UK Blues Week: That's just dirty

Today's post is brought to you by the numbers 7, 13, Madame Drohan and the letter Q. Jess stumbled across a band and said, "I think these guys might kind of be your style." Understatement ma'am... understatement.

Back door slam (I know... so many jokes) are a blues rock throwback from the Isle of Man led by virtuoso guitarist Davy Knowles. Formed back in 2001 when the boys were only teenagers, they recorded and released their first album, Roll Away in 2007. While it gained only a modicum of respect in the UK, music lovers across the Atlantic couldn't get enough of it. BDS quickly started touring the US and dropping jaws all across the states.

Unfortunately, rock stardom would hit the trio and early this year, they would decide to go their separate ways. However Knowles, the brains of the operation, would continue on using the name BDS, after gaining notoriety with some of the musical greats (Don McLean, Jeff Beck, Gov't Mule The Who). Knowles spent the early portion of this year recording a new album with Peter Frampton. Coming Up for Air was just released this past month and Knowles is now well on his way to guitar canonization (at the age of like 21).

So, assuming you can ignore the blatant reference to rough anal sex, I think you're going to simply love Back Door Slam.

-Can't stop becoming what you need to be