Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pretty Beelzebub

Life is closing in on me, so I'll make this quick. It's ok though; you should be used to my neglect by now. I'm hijacking another Willsy discovery from NXNE. Iain, if you wanna fight about it, I've got a good 3 inches on you... plus I'm taller... so don't even think about it :-P

You Handsome Devil
supposedly put on an absolutely hilarious show. These guys are self-proclaimedly bad-ass. Hailing from Toronto, they have no desire to get signed to a label, and their modus-operandi just seems to be rocking out... which I can respect. They're giving away their EP at Sonicbids if you're interested too.

If you thinkg they have something of a Danko Jones feel at times, and with songs like Your Boyfriend's Band Sucks, it's easy to understand why. It's dirty, it's riffy, it's in your face, and it's fun.

Now I've got to go find a way to fit 20 hours of work into a 12 hour day.

-Why stop when you've lost so much?