Friday, July 3, 2009

Don't tempt me

I got home from the pub last night and I read something.

I didn't believe what I read.

I re-read it this morning and it was still there. I don't THINK I'm still drunk this morning (though, there's always a chance).

What I read is that some sort of unholy supergroup is being formed out of some of my favorite musicians in the world. Dave Grohl is God, and anything that he touches has always found a deep way into my mind, heart and soul. Josh Homme came on the scene only in the last 10 years for me, but proved an amazing musician with an incredible voice and an ability to write very unique songs which incorporate all kinds of influence. John Paul Jones is just... well... dude, FUCKING ZEPPELIN.

Excuse me, I need to retreat to the bathroom for a moment.

Lips are very tight and this is currently nothing more than a rumor. Grohl joked about this group back in 2005 and apparently, Homme's wife and current Spinnerette front, Brody Dalle, let something leak in an interview. Supposedly these 3 are in a studio.

And supposedly, your mind is soon to be blown.