Thursday, July 2, 2009

I postulate to have seen a ghost

Crazy times are upon us. This Friday, my band, The Noble Rogues, have their last UK show at the Jericho Tavern in Oxford. If you're in the Ox area, I encourage... nay, I demand you show up for some ridiculous good times. What is going to be a sad point for me is that immediately following the show, I will be selling my Vox AC30 amp. She's been a fantastic amp for the year, but is just too fat to justify hauling all the way home to Canada.

At least I know she's going to a good home. When I received an email from Aaron of The Phantom Theory inquiring about the amp, I actually became a bit angry. Here was an Oxford based 2 piece band, much like my own which plays ridiculously awesome music and whom I had spent the past year with no knowledge of. After complaining about the number of shit, Oasis-imitating bands we'd been lumped on a stage with in the UK, I guess it was just frustrating to finally be meeting a good band on our way out of town.

The Phantom Theory is a noise rock band with a similar feel to the likes of DFA 1979. Dirty, aggressive, driving and catchy all at once; these boys know how to make make music reach out through the amp and grab you by the balls. It's always nice to see another 2 piece that can generate enough noise to impregnate you through your ear drums.

-Fly your inaugeral crash into me