Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Old Prince continues to impress

It's going to be a bit of a winding down week as starting next week, I'll be going on hiatus from Evil Shananigans to ride across central Canada and raise money for cancer research. Things will be quiet for a couple of months, but rest assured that the volume will be turned back to 11 in September.

Nothing new today, however a reminder of something you should really be listening to more of. A lot of people disrespect hip hop because many argue it lost the origins which gave it life (soul, R&B, funk). I say in a lot (if not most cases) those nay-sayers might be right. However, let it be known that just as pop is destroying rock and Nickleback is destroying music as we know it, there are exceptions to everything.

In the world of hip hop, Shad is one of those glorious exceptions. A while back I introduced Shad, however since that time have come to respect his art so much more. Videos like the one below remind me of what a truly amazing musician should be; inspirational.

So go be inspired.

-I'll trap the soul of modern man inside rumors of a better land