Monday, January 18, 2010

Gone from this world

I'm writing the GMATs tomorrow, so you're getting your new music fix a day early. Be warned, now you gotta wait an extra day for your next hit. One simple day before I write one of the most important exams of my life, I find myself in need of comfort, familiarity, and calm. As such, it only makes sense that I would look to some psychedelic stoner rock to smooth life out and make me realize that everything will be just fine.

Enter Earthless, a psych-stoner-mostly-instrumental-santana-if-he-did-more-acid-and-wasn't-latin-influenced-rollercoaster-of-fun. You have to understand, I've been studying verbal structure and grammar for the past few weeks, so I need to get all the bad stuff out in this blog. Formed in 2001 in San Diego, Earthless has released two full length albums and a handful of demos and EPs. I'm not even entirely sure how I found them, nor do I really care to explain my draw to them at this point in my mental state.

What you need to know is that music exists below. It comes with my stamp of approval, and my hypothetical synapses keep stopping on the 14th floor, which we destroyed fortnights ago, out of fear of a backlash from the clouds which float within my fingertips.

-Baby when things go south, it can only get warmer