Tuesday, January 12, 2010

If four were three

While down in Boston over the new years I lost some things (read: dignity) but I also picked up a few things. As always, one of those things ended up being music, and this trip was a regular uranium deposit (which I'm pretty sure would be worth more than a gold mine these days). An 8+ hour car ride back through a huge storm and horrid road conditions did almost lead me to the brink of insanity with my two good friends, Dave & Steve, however, fortunately, both the guys have great taste in music (ignoring those fucking Glee songs you made me listen to). Near the end of the trip, everything got a bit... progressive.

It was around that time that the two of them became very excited when hunting down the band obscurely named 3 (who, strangely, is composed of 4 members). I very quickly saw past the number discrepancy when I heard the strange and wonderful sounds bouncing out of the speakers. Take a classically trained finger picking guitarist, hold a gun to his head (cause that's the only way this makes sense to me) and make him play prog. rock... and you've got 3.

I quickly akin-ed the group to Coheed and Cambria, which made a lot of sense, since they'd shared a drummer. Still, 3 had their own unique sound, and not just from other bands but within their own discography, and even individual albums. To call Joey Eppard a genius would likely be appropriate, however I feel the term 'easily distracted' may be more fitting.

-Wandering soul of the sky don't you dare look down on me