Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Digging Past Electric Limbs

You remember the 90's?  I remember the 90's.  Canadian post grunge bands were becoming insanely popular and I was able to identify with their strange, confused sound.  While never making the top of any of my lists, two important bands in that scene were Age of Electric and Limblifter.  However, what does one do after involvement in such iconic bands?

Ryan Dahle was sure to keep busy.  After being the primary writer for most of AoE's songs, he needed to start a side project, which would eventually become Limblifter, to deal with the overflow.  By the time AoE had dismantled and LL was in full effect, he was already chumming up and collaborating with Matthew Good.  It took him a long time to figure it out, but eventually, it would become clear that the best path forward for Dahle would be a solo project titled, Irrational Anthems.

IR is a very catchy and surprisingly unique blend of the 90's rock which Dahle become known for, and modern, bouncy indie music.  Dahle does a fantastic job of incorporating a variety of instrumentation and arranging songs which are both deep and rich, but also catchy and accessible.  It's not the type of album you're going to scream along to a-la AoE's Remote Control, however, it is an album which I thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish.

-Time is only your enemy when you've got no friends to slow down