Monday, February 22, 2010

Step into My Dojo

After months of sporadic employment, I got some good/bad/interesting/awesome/depressing/different news over the weekend. I had been doing contract work a couple days a week, but it wasn't enough to keep me as busy as I like, nor was it enough to fuel my addiction to vinyl and CDs. Looking ahead, I'll likely be back in school in a few months, so I couldn't justify looking for full time employment. As such, I was just as surprised as anyone when I got a contract which should keep me busy full time for the next few months. While I'll miss my lazy days and sloth like behavior, I will enjoy the extra disposable income.

I celebrated this news by swinging by my local shop and picking up a copy of Dojo Workhorse.  Yet another bump from Carla, DW is the solo project of Dan Vacon, frontman for one of my favorite bands, The Dudes.  Dan basically wanted to create a project where he could get together with friends, drink, and make fun, laid back music.  In reality, the project may have been a bit unnecessary as Vacon is the primary songwriter for The Dudes and DW ends up sounding very dude-like, however, I won't complain about more awesome music if you won't.

Compared to The Dudes, the album Weapons Grade Romantic is a bit more chilled out, slightly broader in its instrumentation and definitely more tongue-in-cheek and soul-bearing for Vacon.  In short, Workhorse is pretty much my perfect soundtrack for sitting around the house in my baggy PJs, feeling a bit lonely and sipping on a glass of tasty scotch.

Kinda like right now.

-Sometimes I like to soft rock out a bit