Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sin City Sleeze

I make it a point of avoiding crap music on this blog. The intention of this website is not to act as a 'review' per say. My goal here is not to determine whether something is good or bad, it is to recommend music which I have already determined to be good.

That said, every now and then, I can't help but take a moment to enjoy the real crap out there. While researching Tuesday's post on Ryan Dahle I took some time to see what the rest of the boys from Age of Electric and Limblifter were up to.  My conclusion was simple, yet important; Dahle was doing pretty well for himself by comparison.

Todd Kerns, one of the original founders of AoE, can currently be found peddling sleeze and disgust in the city where that's all that anyone does: Las Vegas.  He's hooked up with the B-movie version of a supergroup who calls themselves Sin City Sinners and is playing music which should make a grown man ashamed of himself.  Yes, they've got a few catchy riffs, and yes, at one point in life, it was cool to skeeze all over teenage girls, but for the love of all things gelatinous, you're in your 40s dude.

When one of your band's notable quotes comes from Porn Star Ron Jeremy, you really have to rethink your situation.

-Stop me from doing what I've already done