Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Check Your Head

I probably shouldn't be taking time to blog this week, considering that I've been working 10-12 hours a day, still trying to get out for runs, and somewhere in all of this, trying my hardest to eat. Still... writing keeps me sane and keeps you funky. I'm making my mad dash for the weekend, when I get to run off to Calgary to spend time with the fam, but sadly, not play in any boxes. ;-P

I needed a bit of head bobbing, grind me up the inside, dirty rock tonight, and smack me upside the bottom, the UK would actually provide for once. Band of Skulls, based out of Southampton are a garage rock 3 piece with all kinds of good fun.  They've only been at it for just under 2 years, but you'd be amazed what being on the Twilight soundtrack will do for your career.

Let's ignore their wussy vampire relations for a moment and just enjoy the tunes.  They've got a sound not insanely different from The White Stripes, but still have managed to create their own unique noise.  Once again, I think the most imporant thing you can do today is tell me to shut the hell up and check out the video below.

-Never have I seen such horrible things go so wonderfully right