Thursday, March 18, 2010

I should, but never do

For anyone who came into any form of contact with me, be it physical, phone, email, or even that twitch you get behind your right eye when you know something's wrong... I apologize. It was Paddy's, and I had reason to celebrate (good news everyone!) What I really should have learned is to take the band name of today's post to heart regarding my thoughts on whisky last night.

Yet another Toronto gem, and yet another of my forays into the indie world, Boys Who Say No are a banjo-driven hurricane of fun, confusion and fake dog vomit.  Their music makes you scratch your head whilst uncontrollably dancing around the room as though your legs were possessed by the spirit of James Brown's lesser known cousin, Edgar.

They're quickly making a pretty litte name for themselves around the Toronto scene and even starting to garnish a bit of media attention from the likes of Rolling Stone and the National Post.  This makes me all the more green with envy due to the fact that they've been around for just under 3 years and to date have only released an EP.